Friday, June 15, 2012

Two Down, Two To Go

I'm on a plane in a few hours, heading off for a mid-tour home leave.  It's hard to believe it's been almost two years since we arrived at post!  What a ride!

This past week has been a bit hectic as I worked to get everything on my "to-do" list done.  Earlier this week we had some civil unrest and have spent the last three nights under curfew.  So that's been a bit stressful, not because we feel unsafe but mostly because our flight is scheduled in the middle of the night and that flight has been delayed by several hours the last few nights, meaning that we would have missed our connection from Europe to the U.S.  But now it looks like we'll be able to leave as planned and won't miss our connecting flight in Europe, which is a total bummer because I've spent the last three days planning to have to spend a day in Europe.  And naturally to me that meant pork.   My inner fat kid has been squealing with delight.  But now my inner fat kid is like the kid with the ice cream cone in the Eddie Murphy "Ice Cream" bit from Delirious.

Catch everyone on the flip side! 


  1. Wait, what? A four-year tour? Mid-tour HL? Are you USAID? I didn't know!

  2. USAID?! Perish the thought! LOL...No, four year assignment because I did one year of in-country language training followed by a three year assignment.

  3. The news is scary and you and your family are in the middle of it. PLease stay safe. Thinking of you and yours and the mission there, praying too.

  4. Wondering how you are doing. hope you are all safe.
    Anne R